Other Stories Brianna Lance
Brianna Lance designed wearable art. Courtesy of & Other Stories

Certain brands have been given the fast-fashion label. That includes & Other Stories as the retailer's pieces allow you to indulge in trends without breaking your limited bank. It's also getting in the habit of creating capsule collections with outside designers and artists.

Next on the roster is a limited-edition capsule with artist Brianna Lance. She designed original artwork for the line that includes a colorful jumpsuit and midi dresses. Which isn't really a stretch since prior to the lockdown, Lance was a fashion designer. Now she paints and her art focuses on feminine and mystical energy you just don't find in modern art.

"The jumpsuit is full of fruits I often paint, such as the pomegranate, symbolising love and death," Lance explains. "Each fruit has its symbolic meaning, creating subliminal messages that make you think of something without being aware of it. The eye is another recurring symbol in my paintings. I'm obsessed with paintings that look at you while you look at them. You can see it on the Kaftan dress with an underwater theme, among pearls, shells, and sea creatures. The eye also appears on the long dress with a swan wrapped around a flower. The swan, in its turn, represents grace and beauty but can also be quite vicious. To me, the swan is a holistic symbol of femininity, which embodies both softness and beauty, intensity and strength. Finally, the asymmetrical dress has an abstract pastel wash that looks like the paintings before I put all the little figures onto them."

The pairing, which launches today, is also unique due to its reliance on zero-waste patterns. Like the remaining scraps after cutting a neckline on the jumpsuit being used to fashion its pocket. Prices run from $199 to $279.

Visit & Other Stories' website to purchase these unique pieces while there's still time.

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