Jhenetics by Jhené Aiko Campaign
Jhené Aiko introduces her new wellness endeavor. Courtesy of Jhené Aiko/Jhenetics

There's already an overwhelming amount of celebrity beauty brands. But Jhené Aiko is headed in another direction. On the cusp of her highly-anticipated The Magic Hour Tour, the songstress has officially launched Jhenetics, a self-care brand inspired by her firm belief in holistic wellness and beauty.

The California-born starlet broke the news on her Instagram with a peaceful video showing her participating in a self-care session. It starts with Aiko selecting a book before prepping a relaxing bath with the brand's signature bath soak, then transitioning to turning on her Sleep Soul album while glancing at her new products. "Introducing Jhenetics; a self care brand. inspired by the interconnectedness of all things," she wrote in the caption.

The brand's name is a combination of Aiko's first name and the word genetics. Jhenetics is "rooted in the ancestral wisdom passed down to us through generations, supported by nature and backed by science," according to its website. Its nature-inspired products include elixirs, body balms, lotions and bath soaks, some of which are infused with CBD and THC designed to relieve stress, promote balance and center the body.

Jhenetics not only emphasizes natural skin care, but also Aiko's steadfast commitment to meditation and its core values. "I've worked conscious deep breathing into my skin care and self-care routine throughout the day," she said about the healing practices. "When I was younger and got my first facial, the aesthetician asked me did I breathe. She's the one that actually told me you should do breathing exercises throughout the day because so many breakouts are caused from stress."

If you're inspired to up your wellness game, be sure to shop Jhenetics' products, now available for pre-order on the website and use code "BEWELL20" for 20 percent off your purchase.

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