Leighton Meester Edie Parker x St. John
Leighton Meester brings Blair Waldorf back for Edie Parker x St. John. Courtesy of Edie Parker

There are certain actors and actresses that end up being associated with one particular character they brought to life on the big or little screen. In some cases, the association is so strong that it's hard to imagine them playing anyone else. Like Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw or Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf. Meester is leaning into the typecasting, however, by appearing as her alter ego in a new advertising campaign.

The former Gossip Girl star takes center stage in ads for St. John and Edie Parker's new collaboration. Edie Parker x St. John features a limited-edition Tweed Burn Collection revolving around Parker's iconic Burn Bags made from St. John's vintage-inspired knits. It's all very Upper East Side. Which is why casting Waldorf, er, Meester makes so much sense.

Gossip girls Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are both style icons, but the former's impact on fashion seems to be stronger. A fact that Waldorf would most definitely revel in. She exuded quiet luxury before quiet luxury was even a thing causing legions of fans to try and replicate the look often with limited funds. In many ways, Waldorf has had such an impact that to this day nary a headband can come out without the public wondering if it is Waldorf-worthy.

Leighton Meester Edie Parker x St. John
Leighton Meester holding the Burn Clutch in Silver Eyelash Tweed. Courtesy of Edie Parker

There are two bags on the well-set table. First up is the Burn Shoulder Bag in Rainbow Tweed. Go matchy-matchy by carrying the colorful bag while wearing a Waldorf-approved tweed set. Cap things off with trendy white pumps. Next is the Burn Clutch in Silver Eyelash Tweed. Designed for day or night, it's big enough to cart any and all necessities. Project Breakfast at Tiffany's vibes by styling it with a black dress and pearls. (A trip to an actual Tiffany's is not required.)

We don't have Waldorf money to spend on cute cardigans and an epically large set of hair accessories. But, thankfully, Edie Parker x St. John is relatively affordable, for designer bags that is. The shoulder bag is listed at $425, while the clutch will cost you $395.

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