Kristen Wigg is the star of Palm Royale
Kristen Wigg is the star of Palm Royale Apple TV+

The marriage of fashion and film — and TV of course, which is the new film, let's face it— is not only alive and well, it's giving. Majorly. On the back of the top Oscar contenders which were every bit about the style as they were the storylines comes our latest obsession Palm Royale. The new comedy-drama on Apple TV+ which is an ode to fabulous vintage 60s Slim Aaron's style fashion, stars the equally fabulous Kristen Wiig, who plays Maxine Simmons, a housewife and outsider hellbent on infiltrating the high society set of Palm Beach in the powder keg year of 1969.

Based loosely on the novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie by Juliet McDaniel, the Palm Royale all-star larger-than-life character cast includes Laura Dern, iconic actresses Carole Burnett and Allison Janney, and supermodel Kaia Gerber. It's the larger-than-life fashion however that we have our eye on. Palm Royale is a delightfully intoxicating, beyond chic, riot of color and print 60s vintage fest. And thank god, because we weren't sure what to do after Poor Things Bella Baxter gave us OTT Victorian eccentricity, Oppenheimer and Maestro ignited our lust for 40s glamour, Anatomy of A Fall had us reaching for alpine sweaters and Killers of The Flower Moon had us jumping straight on the Western bandwagon to embrace the cowgirl core trend along with Beyoncé and Bella Hadid.

Floral Fruity Fabulous Fashion Is The Order Of The Day
Floral Fruity Fabulous Fashion Is The Order Of The Day Apple TV+

Spearheading the costume design is Alix Friedberg, who worked with Dern, Palm Royale producer on Big Little Lies. "I didn't even need to read the script. It was like, 'Oh my God — yes, yes, yes!' " " Friedberg said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. To recreate the sun-drenched Palm Beach vibe, an era Friedberg says was defined by bright floral Lily Pulitzer prints, pearls, cashmere twin sets, and ladies "bothered by nothing other than their martinis and their golf game," the costume designer turned to the Western Costume Co. Research Library & Archive, which has an archive of every magazine since the 40s and then scoured Etsy for authentic vintage pieces (the majority of the looks were actual vintage).

The Real Housewives of Palm Royale
The Real Housewives of Palm Royale Apple TV+

Now if these looks don't inspire your spring wardrobe and have you reaching for a martini and a canary-yellow vintage Malcolm Starr chiffon gown, which Wiig famously wears around the pool in one scene we are not sure what will.

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