Pigeon Clutch Bags
Artist Anthea Hamilton and Jonathan Anderson created a limited-edition run of Pigeon Clutch Bags. Courtesy of JW Anderson

Jonathan Anderson clearly loves animals and handbags. See Loewe's elephant and fish bags plus his eponymous brand's frog clutch. Now the designer is joining forces for a limited-edition run of one of JW Anderson's most loved clutches.

Along with artist Anthea Hamilton, Anderson created 20 hydro-dipped Pigeon Clutch bags as part of the On Foot exhibition at London's Offer Waterman gallery. The exhibit runs until October 28. The tartan and red cabbage clutches are each unique, making them very collectible.

The only downside? The clutches are only available from the Offer Waterman gallery and the JW Anderson store in Soho, London. So if you're across the pond, go grab one before they fly off the shelves. Pun totally intended.

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