RE/DONE & Pam is serving serious spring vibes. Courtesy of RE/DONE

Pamela Anderson is having a moment. Again. It may have started with the former Baywatch actress' decision to skip makeup, but now it's morphed into a full-fledged comeback. Which we're all for.

She began on the beauty front and now Pamela is naturally shifting back into fashion by partnering with RE/DONE. RE/DONE & Pam is a denim-heavy collaboration made using green practices. What does that mean exactly? Well, the pieces relied on eco-conscious methods, like using recycled fabrics, untreated organic cotton and low-impact washes. Style isn't sacrificed, however. You have your pick of everything from 90s baby tees to miniskirts to cutoffs and much more.

Prices run from $175 up to $595. Visit RE/DONE's website to get your hands on the cool collab.

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