Scholl x Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Collaboration
Scholl and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini combine to create one hot summer sandal. Courtesy of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Clogs are officially back in style (once again), at least according to Scholl. The footwear brand is collaborating with Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini on a modernized version of its signature Pescura clogs widely popularized by French actresses during their vacation escapades in the 60s. As a brilliant follow-up to Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini's beachwear debut last month, the fashion house's take on the iconic wooden-soled sandal is hand-painted cherry and boasts a matching vinyl upper reworked with three buckles.

"The Scholl clog certainly belongs to the universe of my childhood memories," explains Lorenzo Serafini. "It is an iconic object, with its wooden sole that generates a sound when walking that immediately reminds me of my long summers at the seaside as a child. It was fun and stimulating to work on this collaboration, imagining a version of the Pescura style that could be particularly appealing to today's women, while preserving Scholl's authentic spirit."

This collaboration isn't Serafini's first time designing footwear. The Italian label has an ongoing partnership with Malone Souliers after featuring scrunched ankle boots during its Spring 2024 runway show. Could this be an indicator of the brand's full expansion into the shoe space?

The new Scholl x Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini sandal drops June 4. It will be available at the fashion label's boutique in Rome and on both brands' websites.

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