All the buzz surrounding Valmont's updated Essence of Bees line. Courtesy of Valmont

Luxury Swiss cellular cosmetics brand Valmont is introducing a newly revamped version of its Essence of Bees line. Part of its l'Elixir des Glaciers offering, the collection melds honey, propolis and royal jelly through a patented, Ecocert-certified lipophilic extraction process focused on combating dry skin.

The anti-aging regimen features three targeted treatments. A nourishing face oil featuring 97 percent natural ingredients, a beauty balm that works as a daily cream moisturizer or an occasional mask and a lifting eye serum. Each product features components "mindfully sourced from the hive."

The collection also helps support the honey bee ecosystem through its partnership with four associations across the continents. The cooperation educates younger generations about bees, monitors the environment, shares beekeeping with women in rural areas and supports research initiatives focused on pollinators and biodiversity.

The products range from $460 to $550. Mark your calendar because the collection launches September 12.

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