Fashion Influencer and Model Ana Rine
Fashion Influencer and Model Ana Rine Ana Rine Instagram

LA-based model and business student Ana Corrinne has racked up a 33K following on Instagram and TikTok by spilling her style secrets and serving up relatable fashion looks to inspire our wardrobes. In a collaboration with Fashion Times, the style star appears in our "If My Handbag Could Talk" video series and gives us a glimpse into her life, wardrobe, and beauty routine.

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What Brings Your Joy?

"I love to put my energy into things that bring me joy like art, reading, rollerskating, and pilates. I am a model and student in Los Angeles and this year I will graduate in business marketing. Outside of school, my lifestyle is focused on fashion, fun, and healthy living."

Share Your Personal Style Mantra

"The truth is that it's all over the place. I tend to go with whatever makes me feel happy that day, like choosing what character I want to be. Don't get me wrong, I have certain staples such as my favorite 70's coat, my go-to boots, muscle tanks, and a solid pair of shorts, but nothing is truly cohesive. I love to mix it up and match different things together. I am very influenced by certain songs I listen to or the weather that day."

Who Are Your Style Icons?

"I live for the style legacy of Jane Birkin, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Elizabeth Taylor. As a Sex and The City fan, Charlotte York is my girl."

What's Your Most Treasured Fashion Item?

"My jewelry collection. I have pieces from my family that are irreplaceable. They each have a different story and I tend to wear them all together because I love mixing different types of jewelry as watches with bracelets and silver with gold.

Who are Your Go-To Fashion Designers

Truthfully, my go-to is vintage, thrifted, and consignment stores. I don't really have a go-to designer, although I love anything from Chanel.

Share Your Favorite "Fashion Time"

"I am obsessed with anything from the 70s or 90s. To me, those are the best eras in fashion and style."

If Your Beauty Routine Could Talk What Would It Say?

"I like a simplified beauty routine. My skin is sensitive so I stick with my two or three products and leave it at that. SPF is a staple, though. I also use mostly Korean skincare as it tends to be good quality and not as harsh for my skin. For makeup, I tend to go for a clean look. When I have time I do love to do a full face with pretty pink eyes and great contouring, but I am usually running late and rushing out of the house.

Are You A Shoe or Bag Girl?

"I love a unique bag or shoe. To me, accessories make the outfit. In my bag are the classics, like hand lotions, headphones, lipstick, and a compact mirror. I own so many shoes, ninety percent are second-hand and I love it. A solid pair of flats is where it is at but having a staple heel is needed for a great date night look.

Any Fashion and Beauty Hacks?

"Rose water is a MUST for your skin. I spray it on my face it feels so refreshed. Also, please put rosemary in your shampoo, it is a game-changer.

Which 3 Fashion Trends Would You Kiss, Marry, Park

"Kiss boxer shorts, marry kitten heels, and park bows until fall/winter.

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