Laura Dern Vivier Express Travelling Icons
Laura Dern wears her I Love Vivier pumps and carts the Viv’ Choc handbag for the occasion. Courtesy of Roger Vivier

Academy Award winner Laura Dern has been pretty busy lately. The actress not only stars in the hit Apple TV+ series Palm Royale, but she's one of the show's producers. She's also filming a movie in London right now. Although her jam-packed schedule didn't prevent her from appearing in a short film for Roger Vivier.

Dern is featured in the accessory brand's first installment of the Vivier Express Travelling Icons series decked out in her I Love Vivier pumps carting the Viv' Choc handbag. The project is the brainchild of Vivier's Creative Director Gherardo Felloni in an effort to celebrate some of the label's most legendary designs. In Dern's episode, she rides a steam train called the Vivier Express through the picturesque French countryside. Then a handsome stranger boards the train and shares her compartment. He's inspired to open up his sketchbook and start drawing. Dern's character subtly starts striking several poses before the stranger departs the train at the next stop. He makes sure to leave behind his sketch and it reveals the true object of his affection.

The actress/producer/writer charms in the vignette, but there was a little drama behind the scenes. "It was a torrential rainstorm when we filmed and it felt like sacrilege to have to wear an old pair of rubber boots while in the company of Gherardo but I had to do anything and everything to protect these shoes!"

Dern also shares that her first introduction to the French brand came courtesy of Catherine Deneuve in the classic film Belle de Jour where Deneuve flaunted Vivier footwear. Dern believes that accessories are a vital part of character development.

"They are a huge part of a character for me and I've loved how they've played a part in shaping stories. For everyday life, when it comes to women in fashion I don't think anyone's primary love wouldn't be shoes or a bag."

Stay tuned for the next Vivier Express Travelling Icons episode. Although this one will be a pretty hard act to follow.

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